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UM Math Placement Testing Instructions

Testing Instructions:
  1. Register for Orientation
    Before taking the math placement test, you should register for orientation using Wolverine Access. If you require assistance with orientation registration, please contact the Office of New Student Programs.
  2. Read the FAQ
    The placement testing FAQ answers many of the questions you might have about the test, and some which you may not have realized you had.
  3. Take the sample test
    The sample test is a short example that shows you how you'll interact with the placement testing system and how to enter your answers in it. There is a link to the test below, but note the information about the actual test before taking the sample test.
  4. Clear off your desk except for some scratch paper, and arrange for enough uninterrupted time to take the test.
    Turn off your cell phone, close any browser window you have open to a social media site, etc., to ensure that you aren't interrupted. Then take the test:
    • The test will take about an hour (its time limit is 50 minutes), and you must finish it once you've started,
    • You must take the test before coming to campus for orientation,
    • You may not use a calculator, and
    • You may not use books, other materials, the Internet, or consult with anyone on the test.

    Note: violating the testing policies forbidding calculators and use of other materials is most likely to make it harder to complete the test on time, and additionally may result in you being placed incorrectly, to the detriment of your learning and your GPA.

Testing Links

Note: to register and log in to both the sample and placement tests, your login name is your uniqname and your password is your Kerberos password. This is true for both the Sample and Placement tests. If you're not sure what your uniqname or password are, see the FAQ.

If you have questions about the placement test, please contact the Office of New Student Programs, <onsp(at)umich(dot)edu> or 734-764-6413.

UM Math Placement Testing Instructions
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