UMich Ugrad Math Prep Module

THIS IS: A math skills module designed to provide practice in and explanations of essential skills for students taking mathematics courses (especially calculus) at the University of Michigan.
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NOTE: The objective of this module is to allow you to review and develop the manipulative skills that are used throughout college level mathematics courses, especially calculus. However, in courses at the University of Michigan, the emphasis is on understanding concepts and mathematical ideas--not basic skills. Therefore, these are prerequisite skills: things that you need to have mastered to succeed at collegiate mathematics, not things that you will focus on learning in your mathematics courses here.

As you work through the module, make the vocabulary and manipulations second nature, so that you are to use the words and operations of mathematics quickly and appropriately in your UM mathematics courses.

This module was developed under the auspices of NSF grant #DUE0088264. For additional information, please contact Gavin LaRose, glarose(at)umich(dot)edu, or the math department instructional technology consultant, math-itc(at)umich(dot)edu.

preparing for michigan calculus
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