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University of Michigan Mathematics Placement Testing

How This Works:
The Mathematics Placement Test is combined with several other factors to predict the mathematics course in which new students at the University will have the greatest success. After you have completed the test your placement is sent to your academic advisor, with whom you meet before registering.

This Test and Math at Michigan:
The placement test covers only precalculus mathematics: thus, you will see some, but not all, of the math you have learned. It is also a placement test, not a preview of math courses at Michigan. The mathematics course(s) you will take here are very different from the test, use technology extensively and emphasize conceptual understanding.

Take the placement test as instructed by the Office of New Student Programs before participating in orientation. It is essential that you take the test before you complete your advising and registration sessions. If you anticipate having trouble doing this, please contact the Office of New Student Programs, <onsp(at)umich(dot)edu> or 734-764-6413, as soon as possible.

To take the test, you need:

Other Information:
If you have questions about the Mathematics Placement Test, please refer to the FAQ (list of frequently asked questions). This includes information about how your placement is affected by transfer or AP credit

University of Michigan Mathematics Placement Testing
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